Module CCBlockingQueue

module CCBlockingQueue: sig .. end

Blocking Queue

This queue has a limited size. Pushing a value on the queue when it is full will block.
Since 0.16

type 'a t 
Safe-thread queue for values of type 'a
val create : int -> 'a t
Create a new queue of size n. Using n=max_int amounts to using an infinite queue (2^61 items is a lot to fit in memory); using n=1 amounts to using a box with 0 or 1 elements inside.
Raises Invalid_argument if n < 1
val push : 'a t -> 'a -> unit
push q x pushes x into q, blocking if the queue is full
val take : 'a t -> 'a
Take the first element, blocking if needed
val push_list : 'a t -> 'a list -> unit
Push items of the list, one by one
val take_list : 'a t -> int -> 'a list
take_list n q takes n elements out of q
val try_take : 'a t -> 'a option
Take the first element if the queue is not empty, return None otherwise
val try_push : 'a t -> 'a -> bool
try_push q x pushes x into q if q is not full, in which case it returns true. If it fails because q is full, it returns false
val peek : 'a t -> 'a option
peek q returns Some x if x is the first element of q, otherwise it returns None
val size : 'a t -> int
Number of elements currently in the queue
val capacity : 'a t -> int
Number of values the queue can hold