Module CCHashTrie.Transient

module Transient: sig .. end

Transient Identifiers

type t 
Identifiers for transient modifications. A transient modification is uniquely identified by a Transient.t. Once Transient.freeze r is called, r cannot be used to modify the structure again.
val create : unit -> t
Create a new, active ID
val equal : t -> t -> bool
Equality between IDs
val frozen : t -> bool
frozen i returns true if freeze i was called before. In this case, the ID cannot be used for modifications again.
val active : t -> bool
active i is not (frozen i)
val freeze : t -> unit
freeze i makes i unusable for new modifications. The values created with i will now be immutable.
val with_ : (t -> 'a) -> 'a
Transient.with_ f creates a transient ID i, calls f i, freezes the ID i and returns the result of f i.
exception Frozen
Raised when a frozen ID is used