Index of types

arbitrary [QCheck]
A value of type 'a arbitrary is an object with a method for generating random values of type 'a, and additional methods to compute the size of values, print them, and possibly shrink them into smaller counter-examples.

callback [QCheck.Test]
Callback executed after each test has been run.
cell [QCheck.Test]
A single property test
counter_ex [QCheck.TestResult]

failed_state [QCheck.TestResult]
fun_ [QCheck]
A function packed with the data required to print/shrink it.
fun_repr [QCheck]
Internal data for functions.

obs [QCheck.Tuple]
How to observe a 'a t

res [QCheck.Test]

sized [QCheck.Gen]
Random generator with a size bound.
stat [QCheck]
A statistic on a distribution of values of type 'a.
state [QCheck.TestResult]
step [QCheck.Test]
Callback executed after each instance of a test has been run.

t [QCheck.Tuple]
Heterogeneous tuple, used to pass any number of arguments to a function.
t [QCheck.Fn]
t [QCheck.Test]
t [QCheck.TestResult]
t [QCheck.Observable]
An observable for 'a, packing a printer and other things.
t [QCheck.Shrink]
Given a counter-example, return an iterator on smaller versions of the counter-example.
t [QCheck.Iter]
t [QCheck.Print]
Printer for values of type 'a.
t [QCheck.Gen]
A random generator for values of type 'a.